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At RSN Skin Co., it's all about you! Rosanna specializes in corrective skincare treatments that are individually customized to promote skin health. Each session is curated to target what the skin needs that have you feeling relaxed and looking refreshed.

If you've been struggling with your skin or just need a little more guidance on maintaining your skin health, you're in the right place.

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Client Love

I look forward to my treatments with Rosanna because she takes her time and explains what we’re doing. She has been able to clear up acne I’ve had for years by her customized treatments, a thorough routine at home, and diet changes she’d help me make. I see her every 5 weeks and highly recommend her!

Susanna S.

Rosanna is out of this world outstanding with her facials. I trust her and refer all my friends and family to her. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a thorough cleaning facial!

Ellie L.

I've struggled with acne my whole life and cycled through prescription creams and pills for years and my skin has never looked better than it does now that I'm under Rosanna's care. I absolutely recommend her if you're looking for long term changes to your skin's health and appearance or just for a fabulous facial experience.

Francesca A.

I have been seeing Rosanna for about 9 months and have had a great skin transformation. I started seeing Rosanna for hormonal jawline acne. Rosanna has spent time to help me create a unique routine for my skin and I have seen great results so far. She also always takes the time to check in and answer any questions that I have.


I went for my first facial with Rosanna months ago and have been following her custom skincare regimen ever since. I couldn’t be happier. The facial itself was relaxing (minus the extractions 😆 IYKYK). & My skin MY SKIN is loving this routine. THANK YOU.

Dawn T.

Rosanna is a lifesaver for my skin and wellbeing. She provides a personalized state of the art facial that is designed for my skin. The facial is never the same as she changes the method/products each time for my skin's needs. Her space is bright, welcoming, spotless, and aromatic. You will leave feeling pampered & renewed.

Maren M.
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